A few points from a hangout.

Monday’s hangout introduced some of the major projects for the coming year; a research presentation, a scholarly debate and a contextual study. These notes are just a verbatim copy of the things I jotted down during the session (italics are thoughts added later):

Contextual Study

Research Question - look at something in more depth - What if? How might? etc.

Research relating to work - question, & how material might impact work > follow up something...

Sharing questions.


Peer review!

Put it out there on the table - tentative questions

We will be sharing drafts and receiving comments on what we’ve been writing - learning about others by their comments and by their work

Moving into small groups, with Monika and Alison - Monika had connection problems so much done via chatbox

Essay : Journey / road trip? Something around this subject.

Art out of the gallery.


Alison 17:31

How about literature Rob - thinking of road trips I think films and books?

Monika 17:31

it was a real challenge



taxi driver

me 17:32

I find it really hard to read...

(on the road) (Talking about Kerouac’s book...)

Monika 17:33

boyle - Hear book - a young not hearing woman tries to get back here card dates...

is it better

I´m thinking about memory

Hairs in memory

personal memory

last century

me 17:34

A few of the people on the BA photography course are looking at that (memory)

Monika 17:34

German history ....... realting to the third generation

no hair (asked if meant “heir”)


Are you using hair?

Monika 17:35

hair is something special there exist memory amuletts

yes I want to stitch with them

hair has DNA - personal memory

no maps travelling routes

refugee routs


I collect long hair from the girl friend of my son

I want to set a grand- uncle memory beside a refuguee of nowadays

hair - what does it mean in art


thanks - refugees - we have a lot in our village now



yes they are coming - no place etc.

and my relatives were refugees as well

yes my mother as well , my grandmother


yes - but it could be interesting to see it beside

lets do an exhibition together (our two takes on the journey)

time aspect by road trip

why not


see you

TC Boyle - Talk Talk - book about a road trip.

The research question to be ready for discussion by 25th Jan.

Intersections & Articulations

Research & informal presentations - 7-10 minutes long

Cultural practice - look @ aspects thereof

Participation : audience / other artists

Collaboration : audience / other artists

Interventions : corporations / schools / hospitals

Engagements : place / technique

Site : situation / mail (?)

Display : curation / information / performance

Documentation : archive

What have others done? Success & failures

Socially engaged work

Role of the museum

Social media

Reflections of experience : as artist / as audience

Data : stats / figures / funding / topical issues

Role of artists in migration

Political funding : effect on sites / effect on audience

Ethics & concerns

Christo & Jean-Claude - site specific interventions

Audience - Emma / Monika / Mwamba

Engagement - Mathew / Tanya

Site - Sue / Alison / Ines

Display - Me / Máire

Research in to display:

Artists approach to display. Examples / Options / Opportunities (modern/pomo/post-internet)

Affect of venue & media


NOT about own work...


Interpret this the way we want to.

Leads into testing our boundaries...

Informal - notes and images, not PK
(pecha kucha)

For presentation on 26th Jan.


Formal presentation!

Take and argue a position from critical standpoint

Use evidence! (interviews/articles, etc)

This is NOT an exercise in passion or even needing to relate to own work.

Scholarly take!

For or Against (working in PAIRS)

Format: 15 minutes each, followed by debate.



Be controversial if you want

Be challenging

*ability to unpick evidence*

Subject : The ethics of Appropriation - (FOR, with Tanya against)




For presentation on 18th Jan.

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