Another project, another song title and a move towards where it probably sits more naturally within "what I do".


A while ago, I posted a link to a time lapse video that I'd pulled together from images taken using a Go Pro on a journey from the ferry port of Roscoff to Huelgoat, both in Finisère. At that time, I wasn't sure where the video (called "Driving", after a song by PJ Harvey) was going to end up. It didn't have any form of soundtrack, and trying to record one using my iPhone in the car proved incredibly unsatisfactory. Modern cars don't really make a lot of "car noise", it's just wheel noise unless you really give it beans. Unless of course you have something really sporty, which I don't - just a diesel that rumbles a bit when it's ticking over. Perhaps the 2CV we have in the garage would have liked a run out...?

Anyway, without a soundtrack, the video felt a little odd, so I;ve returned to the form I like most; the Photobook. I've tried to keep the price down a little, so rather than the 2s intervals between frames, I've cut back and used far fewer frames. It keeps it moving too...

So what's the book about? A journey obviously, and one that I acknowledge nothing really happens in - nothing of any major consequence anyway. Many of the images are very similar, with only little details to mark the change from one frame to the next - it's dark so many details are lost to the night. But does the fact that "nothing happens" really make this any less relevant? No, personally I don' think it does. Sure, it might be less interesting as a pure documentary, but I actually see this as an art piece in itself. Change, action, passage, obfuscation, travel... All things I'm drawn to. Hopefully the viewer will get some of this too.

I know it might be a difficult book for some to view, especially as it's very mundane, but I find it fascinating. I'm now wondering how I can move this forward for my next major road trip I'm planning in Canada. I really would like to use this somehow, perhaps interspersing with more traditional images, but then would this feel muddled? Further thought required.

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