School's (been) out for summer

It's coming towards the end of August, the new term is approaching. It's been almost three months off and there’s a growing realisation and dismay that I've not really done anything in that time. Yes, I've read a few pages of Ways of Looking, I've been to see Tanya's Reading show, and a sculpture park in Brittany. I've even had some work in the Athens Photography Festival APhf15, although I didn't see it there personally.

APhF15 © Madalina (@Madutzasan on Twitter)

I am really ashamed to say I've done nothing else in terms of "getting out there". I've not contacted galleries, open calls or done anything really... No, I've submitted to one open call, but that's it - a single image from an unfinished series. I really do have to pick up the baton now and get back into things, otherwise I may as well give up - is there any point working towards an MA if all I will ever do is make work for my own gratification? I don't think so.

Time to focus...

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