After Stephen Shore II, a trial

In preparing for the assessment, I’ve decided to submit After Stephen Shore II, the reworking of Shore’s Uncommon Places using GSV images, but blacking out the area Shore actually photographed, such as the Desert Center image below:

California 177, Desert Center, California, July 2014

And Shore’s original:
California 177, Desert Center, California, December 8, 1978

I’ve never printed these images before, they’ve only existed digitally, so as a trial I thought I’d try to add something, to paint the black square instead.

20 years ago it might have worked. My hands were steadier – I drew straight lines all day long (I was a draughtsman at the time), but now… the edges are somewhat wavy! It looks messy, there a brush strokes, which to be fair I thought would be a good thing, but it doesn’t work for me. Perhaps with time, practice and patience…?

No. I take that back. I actually think that adding paint runs contrary to where my practice has evolved. I used to photograph using film, I still have many film cameras (they’re generally much nicer “objects” than digital cameras), I have film in the fridge. However, that film has been in the fridge for probably 6 or 7 years, and the last time I shot film with any purpose would probably be from around that time. I bought a digital back for my medium format Hasselblad and haven’t put a film through it since (although to be fair, I don’t use the camera that often).

No, my practice is pretty much completely digital now. Yes, I soaked some prints in diesel last year, but then I rephotographed them to retain them (apart from the whiff of diesel, they no longer really exist as they did last year). I suppose this was an attempt to do something similar with paint, but no. I’m digital. Why fight it? Well, until next time I feel like doing something different.

So, the prints have rectangles created in photoshop. That’s where I’m at
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