TYB : Vos Photos

Pasted Graphic
As part of the push to interact with an audience, I’ve included another gallery to the website louprenardbelette.weebly.com - for the viewers photographs (Vos Photos). Hopefully this will provide a chance for the audience to feed back, drive interest in the exhibition and traffic to my website. I’ve also created a tumblr at louprenardbelette.tumblr.com to put the images on, these will also be tweeted to my main account - the idea for this came from Tanya’s Postcards of Reading and we’re also talking about setting something similar up for the Oxford project.

I’ve no idea if this will be picked up on, I suppose it will depend on people being made aware that something is happening - that’s where all the press activities come in, and the tweeting in French (to a mostly English audience... hmm). I’ll have to hope for the wonders of social media to take hold!
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