[( 6 )] - a reunion


A couple of years ago, I pulled together current cohort member Tanya Ahmed and 4 other OCA photography students to exhibit at Bank Street Arts in Sheffield. This year we’re getting back together!

It all started a little while ago when Tanya mentioned she was heading over to the UK and asked me if I’d be interested in meeting up for a shoot and to potentially exhibit the results. Obviously I was up for it, and it has evolved into getting the other guys involved and heading over to Oxford in the UK for a weekend. We’ve also managed to get another of the cohort involved, Mathew Aldred, by getting him to agree to hosting the exhibition at his Oxford Riverside Gallery. So photographs of Oxford (UK) to be shown in Oxford (Canada)... See what we’ve managed to do there? Heh.

It’s all still early days - lots of planning for the shoot to be done as Tanya is in NYC, and Dewald Botha is in Czech Republic, then there’s my flight over to Canada later in the year too (yes, I’m heading over!), so there’s costs involved, etc. It’s probably worth all staying in the same place in Oxford for the shoot, and blah, blah, blah. A website to sort out, catalogues, postcards, printing, framing, publicity and we’re even thinking about a kickstarter to cover some of the costs... Whilst this is really Tanya’s brainchild, I’ll be getting as involved as I can in the planning and stuff. And yes, I’ll be there to hang out and drink beer and schmooz at the opening night.
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