TYB : Testing Boundaries

The Testing Boundaries part of the module is designed to do just that. And I can tell you, it feels quite intimidating.

Les Bicknell kicked off with a slide presentation outlining the aims of the project, which to cut a long story short is to put your work out there in a way that is appropriate yet not what might normally be done. There was talk of Open House events (not going to happen - I wouldn't want strangers coming around to my house, which is in any case in the middle of nowhere and somewhat small), Open Studio events (I don't have a studio as such, certainly not one that isn't part of my house), Shop Windows and Hospitals. There were other things too...

The more... difficult part of the session came with thinking who to put your work out there and describing those first thoughts to the group. Well, no, not difficult, but in some ways yes... If you consider my current project, the obvious thought would be to present it in some way in France (well, Finistère actually), and as the project has multiple streams, one of which is the emptying of the region, it might be considered that a venue could be tourist information offices, the mairie or maybe libraries... Would they want it to be shown there though? It could be argued that it can paint a somewhat negative image at times; burnt out cars, graffiti and empty premises and no people... Yes, it could be a tough sell.

Another option might be to see if I could make use of public information boards (like the one below), pinning to the boards for it to either remain or be removed. Or perhaps postcards distributed somehow. Or empty shop fronts. Or perhaps something totally different.


The distance involved will be challenging, to say the least. The fact that I'm only there intermittently even more so, especially as there is a mid-March deadline and I will only be there probably once before that time, maybe twice if I'm lucky... I think this really is a non-starter in terms of achieving it by March.

Do I therefore need to think about something else instead? What about making use of last year's Ruscha project, or even the Stephen Shore stuff from the making day? How can I make use of the GSV images? How can I present them? A small part of Ruscha's Gasoline Stations Revisited will be making an appearance in a show in Los Angeles this week, what else can I do with it? Do I go back to some earlier work? Some thinking is clearly required!
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